In the city of Perm Tchaikovsky completed the first phase of construction of winter sports center

In Tchaikovsky put biathlon complex, whose construction was part of the regional project "School of Champions".

Fully prepared of household housing complex, snow-making system, shooting and shooting area. It remains to complete the work on the ski-roller track.

Biathlon Complex — the first stage of the federal training center for winter sports. The complex consists of skiing and biathlon tracks (the length of its main range is 4 kilometers). Next to the "biathlon" is the construction of complex 5 jumps — the second part of "winter" center. Builders are assembled structures mountains acceleration and a touchdown for the two K125 and K95 ski jumps and some of these designs mountains landing jumps. K65 mounted on the trampoline ladders and lifts. Similar work will soon begin on two more jumps. Construction of the second phase is scheduled for completion in 2012.
Note on the construction of the biathlon complex head of government of the Perm Territory Valery Dry in January of this year, reported to the chairman of the federal cabinet ministers Vladimir Putin in the video meeting with the regions dedicated to the implementation of the "Strategy for the development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation up to 2020" and the preparation of national teams of Russia the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

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