In the city of Stavropol Territory Georgiyevsk ready to operate Ltd. Meat Olympia

Successfully completed work on the device 9 mm high coverage Resuthane TG69 Ltd. Meat "Olympia"


  In 2012, in the city of Stavropol Territory Georgiyevsk company "Poliflor" performed work on the device 9 mm high coverage Resuthane TG69, color Salsa in the enterprise Ltd. Meat "Olympia". The company’s management was planning to cover the acid-resistant tile floors, but, having carefully studied the advantages of our proposed design of the floor, as well as visiting an existing facility with a term of service coverage Resuthane TG69 more than 5 years, the choice was for seamless vapor permeable coating, designed specifically for the food processing enterprises. Hygiene, durability, germentichnost, ease of cleaning, the large thickness and excellent decorative properties of the proposed design convinced the leaders of Meat Company "Olympia" that with all my heart sick of the business, making the right decision.

   The total area of the floor made in the refrigeration room was more than 1200 m2. In accordance with the technology, the device holds a plinth providing airtight covering and preventing the development of flora and fauna in the areas adjoining to the walls. We look forward to the appearance of products of Meat "Olympia" on the shelves of the country!





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