In the city of the Republic of Komi Emva built apartment house for immigrants from the emergency shelter

The city Emva Knyazhpogostsky district of the Komi Republic completed the construction of 28 apartment buildings along the street Guschina. The house was built as part of a regional program to address the resettlement of people from emergency housing fund financed with the participation of the State Corporation — Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.

According to the Housing Fund in the administration Knyazhpogistsky area in a two-story house has completed all civil works, the object is connected to all utilities. The walls of the house are constructed of heat-panels. The house is equipped with individual thermal unit, general building and individual water meters in all the apartments are made decorating and plumbing installed.

To build a house from all sources was spent about 25 million rubles., Of which means the Housing Fund was 17.7 million rubles.

Currently, there is a procedure of paperwork, and then begin the settling of the residents. The long-awaited apartment will have 65 people (28 families) of the seven damaged houses in Emve and the two houses of the village path Knyazhpogistsky district.

In total, since 2008, in Emve as part of the 185-FZ was built five apartment buildings and moved to a new apartment 124 families.

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