In the city park Belogorska (Amur region). Earned a free Wi-Fi

Belogortsev will be able to use the internet free of charge not only on the square named after the 30th anniversary of the victory, but during the rest of the park area. In the city park Belogorska appeared free Wi-Fi. Entrepreneurs of the city sent letters to the proposal to provide access to the wireless Internet on the basis of their institutions.

The installation of the two all-weather access points in the city park specialists took a little over a week. Wireless Internet cover the entire area of the park.

The first zone free Wi-Fi Bilohirsk appeared in the central square. Internet hooked up in April, and with the onset of summer it increased the rate of two times — up to 4 megabits per second, the press service of the administration Belogorska.


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