In the coastal zone of the Barents Sea have released 300 thousand copies of juvenile red king crab

In March — June 2012 at the Laboratory of ontogeny and methods of restoration of populations of crustaceans FSUE "VNIRO" on the basis of the experimental basin complex in the village of Long Zelentsy Murmansk region held cultivation under controlled conditions from embryonic to juvenile period 300 thousand individuals crab.

Growing larvae and juveniles of red king crab and subsequent release in the lip of the Far Zelenetskaya, bass. The Barents Sea due to the compensation funds have been included in the event the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources in 2012

In the period from 2012 to 2015 at the complex will ptimizirovat technology of larval and juvenile red king crab and further cultivation under controlled conditions; work technique release of juveniles in the open sea, to restore and maintain the size of the form of stocks, explore the biology and physiology of the crab in the early stages ontogeny.


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