In the Company Liotech prepared for display on the forum RUSNANOTECH electric current pre-production samples, equipped with lithium-ion batteries

RUSNANO Project Company Ltd. "Liotech" show at the Forum in 2011 RUSNANOTECH electric current pre-production samples, equipped with lithium-ion batteries:

· City Electrobus a large class of low-floor with a body length of 12 meters. The prototype was developed jointly with JSC «TROLZA» (Engels)
· Electrobus small class with a body length of 6.5 meters based on the Ford Transit. The prototype developed in conjunction with "Industrial Technologies" (Nizhny Novgorod).
· Electric «EL LADA» (prototype developed by JSC "AvtoVAZ").

It is assumed that these prototypes will be available for demonstration runs through the territory of Expocentre during the Forum.


At the booth of "MOBEL" — developer of solutions for electric vehicles based on batteries, LLC "Liotech" Forum participants will be acquainted with other current models of electric transport:

· Electric vehicle for urban services (based on the Kamaz)
· City Electrobus large class (based on NEFAZ)
· Small city commercial electric vehicle
· Elektrotraktor,
· Electroloader.

All equipment provided on the stand "MOBEL", is also equipped with lithium-ion batteries Liotech.

The introduction of electric transport is a global trend, and it is no coincidence: the cost of ownership electrified approximately 4-5 times lower than that for the transport of internal combustion engines.

For example, the cost of charging a large amount elektrobusa 150 -200 thousand rubles a year, and fuel for his brother, equipped with internal combustion engines, will cost 750-800 rubles. with an average annual mileage of 80 kilometers. The cost of electric bus service up to 30% lower. The service life of the battery is not less than 600 thousand kilometers.


Subject electric familiar engineers of "AvtoVAZ". The emergence of lithium-ion batteries the next generation gives a great chance to make a commercially successful electric domestic development. AvtoVAZ calls his creation poetically — ElLada (electro-Lada). Body type "Universal", a full-size cabin and almost standard chassis suggest unique compared to foreign counterparts technical and economic indicators of the operation. Tests showed that the eight-hour overnight charge from a conventional electric outlet (220V, 16A, 50 Hz) is sufficient to run under urban conditions of up to 150 km. ElLada equipped with lithium-ion batteries of the same type that will produce Liotech. The cost of the energy costs of no more than 40-50 rubles at current rates, which can be very attractive to city dwellers.

Replacement of vehicles with internal combustion engines to electric transportation — is a concrete step towards improving the energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Demonstrated patterns of electric will take place in 2011/2012 certification and years of trial operation, and at the end of 2012 is expected output electric buses on the line in the major cities of Russia.

Bulk electric operation is possible only when you create the appropriate infrastructure and the availability of government support. "RUSNANO" conducts an active policy of cooperation with the government to organize the conditions for successful exploitation of electric transport in Russia. Infrastructure projects for the exploitation of ETS have already been approved in Moscow and St. Petersburg, are preparing for the trial operation of electric buses in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Belgorod, Rostov-on-Don and the Sverdlovsk region. In all of the regions of the projects supported by the introduction of electric administrations of cities and regions, the relevant ministries.

Forum participants and guests will be able to see the prototypes of the Russian electric, planned for launch to mass exploitation by 2013, and to ask questions of technology developers and representatives of manufacturing companies that use nanotechnology products.

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