In the Corps of Engineers CVO received new mine detectors Kite and protective suits Doubloon

In the engineering troops of the Central Military District (CVO) in the state defense order entered service new mine detectors "Kite" and protective suits "Doubloon" as well as more than 50 individual sets of sappers and versatile engineering kits.

The personnel of the engineer units in the county during the field training develops modern portable non-contact finder explosive devices and new equipment.

Non-contact mine detectors DNEL "Kite" in many ways unique, they can detect explosives at a distance of 30 m in the ground and the snow, and in various designs and over obstacles. Its parameters are considerably superior to existing armed with mine detectors IMP-2 and IMP-C.

This device is capable of detecting explosive devices behind walls of concrete and brick, barbed wire and metal mesh under the asphalt and concrete road surface. Search pace is 40-50 times higher than the rate search metal detector.

The protective suit "Doubloon" provides a circular body protection and the protection of the front of the head, upper and lower limbs of the factors affecting the explosion of landmines and small arms bullets, and the protection of feet from mine blast injuries during contact undermining landmines. It only titanium armor elements are more than 50.

A high level of protection and its user-friendly design that allows sapper easy to move around and perform combat missions, make "Doubloon" one of the best protective suits among the domestic counterparts.

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