In the courtyards of Novosibirsk install playgrounds

Construction of playgrounds and sports grounds — one of the important directions of improvement in the program yards Novosibirsk. A resident of North Chemskiy neighborhood Sergei Levichev recalls earlier, not only do sports, and just had nowhere to walk quietly.

Sergei Levichev, resident of North Chemskiy zhilmassiva: "I live in the North-Chemskiy almost all my life. Previously, there was no playground for the children, in principle, there was no place to rest, all sitting on a bench, spitting sunflower seeds, and the prospects for the development of sport was not any".

Today, there are prospects. Virtually all courts established zhilmassiva crossbar, horizontal bars, and table tennis.

Dmitry Asantsev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Deputies of Novosibirsk: "Provide virtually every yard nice modern children’s towns, thanks to the budget of the city of Novosibirsk, the participation of the deputies and the residents themselves, the people who grew up in this area all my life, who are already here and the kids grow up."

By the end of July at the North Chemskiy zhilmassive will be installed 65 playgrounds.


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