In the Crimean opened a new fire and rescue center

November 24 Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov opened in the city of Krasnodar region Krymsk new fire-rescue center.

"We specifically chose to create such a center to strengthen the protection of the district of Krasnodar region", — said the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Specialists of the center has already participated in the liquidation of the consequences of vanishing tanks temryukskeye area where the four cars on fire. The fire was extinguished, the victims and the victims.

The new center is equipped with modern technology and special equipment for use in any environment. Crimean fire-rescue center is affiliated with the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team. It is based on the 31st firehouse Krymsk to carry out emergency rescue work in fire fighting, disaster incidents and emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters. The number of troops — 51 people. Center is staffed with modern engineering and automotive technology and the necessary fire safety equipment, including tankers terrain, boats, diving equipment.


On the basis of the established canine service of the four settlements that are daily intercede on duty. Firefighters and rescuers will be able to raise the level of professional expertise. To do this, the center is equipped training facility, as well as an obstacle course for training fire-applied sports.

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