In the current year VSZHD received 10 new shunting locomotives


This year, the East-Siberian railway from Bryansk Engineering Plant received 10 new shunting locomotives TEM-18DM. Today, they are successfully used in the stations of Ulan-Ude and Winter.

  • TEM18DM-683 was built in 2013
  • TEM18DM-683 was built in 2013

"Locomotives TEM-18DM, unlike their predecessors, are equipped with the new enhanced driver’s cab in size, as well as more advanced and economical diesel engine 1 PD4D" — said the deputy head of the East-Siberian Directorate traction Nicholas Mykhalchuk.

TEM18DM locomotive shunting is an upgraded version of TEM2 — one of the most popular on the Russian railway network. The modernization of the locomotive provides, in the first place, the installation of more powerful diesel generator, allowing for the same amount of work to reduce specific fuel consumption from 225 to 197 g / kWh. 

On new locomotives used microprocessor unified system of electric transmission controlling locomotive (USTA), data recording and accounting of the locomotive diesel consumption, the hardware-software complex agribusiness "board" with the delivery of information to the display control panel, recording to removable media, as well as the possibility of transmitting Data on the remote controller depot. Cab of the locomotive is equipped with a system of microclimate that provides a comfortable working environment locomotive crew. All this allows for improved fuel economy, lower the cost of repairs and maintenance of the locomotive, and the improvement of working conditions of locomotive crews.

It should be noted that in 2014, the program of acquisition of new rolling stock on the road is expected to flow not only shunting locomotives, but also the latest trunk 2ES5 electric freight locomotives with asynchronous traction motors.

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