In the CVO on the Su-24M bombers set new

sighting and navigation systems "Hephaestus"

At the airbase "Shagol" (Chelyabinsk region). Central Military District (CVO) are working on the installation on the Su-24M new sighting and navigation systems "Hephaestus."

Until the end of 2013 specialized computer systems (SVP-24) "Hephaestus" will be equipped with all the bombers connection. Representatives of the aviation industry remains to SVP-24 8 Su-24M. After retrofitting the precise application of air weapons will increase by 3 times.

Sighting and navigation system combines the targeting system, navigation and control. Using the SVP-24 crew expand opportunities for search, enter the target, aiming and strikes, including in difficult weather conditions and low visibility.

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