In the Danube region has launched the second solar plant

As part of the strategic objectives of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for the development of an independent domestic energy in the Odessa area, June 12, the grand opening of two solar power plants — "Danube" in Artsiz and "Liman" in Reni. Journalists news portal INFOrechepobyvali at the opening of a unique facility that is located on the outskirts of the city of Reni. 

According to Deputy General Director of the Ukrainian representative office of the company Activ Solar Sergei Yegorov, solar power, "Liman" — is a third object of the energy infrastructure, implemented by the company Activ Solar in the Odessa region. Last year, the company has opened its first solar power plant in the Danube region "Starokozache" power of 42.95 MW.

"Today there is a phased development of the Odessa region of the solar energy. So, this year, is scheduled to open in the same power and Kilia BOLGRAD District. The program also captures Saratsky, Tarutinsky and Tatarbunarskiy areas in the South region and another five northern districts. Solar power — it is environmentally friendly facilities, and during their construction using the latest European technologies ", — said the deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Peter Hlytsov during the briefing.

Solar Power "Liman" capacity is 43.8 MW of 181192 multicrystalline solar modules in a row, and 41 of the inverter station. The project will create more than 400 jobs during the construction phase and 5 permanent jobs.

Also worth noting is that these objects bring significant profit region: means land lease go to the budgets of local councils. Moreover, the investor company carefully in choosing areas for the construction of its facilities. For example, previously in place solar power, "Liman" was a dump, harm the environment, and the land itself was not suitable for agriculture.

Solar power "Danube" and "Liman" will produce 130,000 megawatt-hours of "clean" electricity per year, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 100,000 tons annually.

The appearance of such objects in Bessarabia is extremely important, as we see prospects for development in the region. A realization of the presidential program will move away from solid fuel, contributing to the development of not only a healthy environment, but also a healthy economy of the state.

FAQ:Activ Solar — an international group of companies with headquarters in Vienna (Austria), specializes in the design and manufacture of solar technology. The main activities of the company is the production of silicon products and the development of large-scale photovoltaic solar parks. Semiconductor plant in Zaporozhye is a subsidiary of

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