In the Defense Ministry summed up the results of the joint exercises Combat Commonwealth 2013.

In the active phase of the joint exercise of the CIS United Air Defense System "Combat Commonwealth 2013", in which the reflection worked through a massive missile and air attack conventional enemy to conduct live firing anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 "Triumph" S-300 "Favorite", antiaircraft missile and gun system "Armour-S", attended by more than 500 soldiers and involved about 100 units of military and special equipment air defense missile and radio systems Forces Aerospace Defense. 

Summarizing the results of the preliminary exercises, Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko said:

"The results of the draw episodes teachings exceeded all our expectations. Most importantly, we have worked out not only the final stage of technical means, but also work on the interaction forces. I am glad that there were no failures, coordination — great. Of course, Russia and other states — participants of CIS plan to expand military cooperation within the Joint Air Defense System, and the increase grouping of the forces will depend on how this will be popular. "

Deputy Foreign Minister stressed the decision of tasks by the crews of anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph" design Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" and anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Armour-S" production Instrument Design Bureau, part of the holding of NGO "High-precision complex."

"Today, new tools have worked superbly-400, well proven" Armour "- said Oleg Ostapenko.

Deputy Minister spoke on the discovery and launch missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, which, in his words, "was a good demonstration of the Russian Troops means aerospace defense in the eyes of potential adversaries."

"Let them make conclusions. We have shown how much we are able, and if need be, to really apply what we have, "- said Oleg Ostapenko.

As previously reported, the detection of the Russian system of missile warning (EWS) on September 3 fixed start two ballistic targets in the Mediterranean Sea, which were targeted by Israeli missiles. The doctrine of the CIS united air defense system has three stages during the period from August 13 to September 12. Just a joint exercise "Combat Commonwealth — 2013" was attended by about four thousand military troops (forces) troops ASD, the Air Force (Air Defense, Air Force and Air Defense, Air Defense Forces, Air Force) of the armed forces of five CIS countries: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

As part of the joint exercise of the CIS united air defense system at the landfill are fulfilled Astrakhan issues of joint use of coalition groups aviation and air defense forces in the areas of collective security in the anti-terrorist actions and armed conflicts.

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