In the department of theology open MiFi (Why are priests in high school?)

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In the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) will open faculty of theology, which is headed by Metropolitan Hilarion. This was reported at the Department for External Church Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan, who is chairman of the Department for External Church Relations, chairman of the Synodal Biblical-Theological Commission, rector of church-wide post-graduate training of Saints Cyril and Methodius, gave a presentation at a meeting of the Academic Council MiFi. Following the meeting of the Academic Council unanimously approved the creation of the department, and approved by Metropolitan Hilarion of her head.

In conclusion, the rector of MEPhI Professor Michael Strikhanov expressed hope that the new department may under His Eminence to become a leading secular system of higher education in Russia. "I hope that the University of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, where there is already an Orthodox church will also become a place of free academic debate and fruitful cooperation between Orthodox theology and modern science" — quoted by Metropolitan Hilarion, "Interfax".

With which of the 10 departments will be established the Department of MEPI, is not specified. Currently, the university faculties are: automation and electronics, management and economics of high technology, cybernetics and information security, Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Physics and Technology, part-time (evening) education, higher physical college, faculty of foreign students, high school Physics of NG Basov MEPhI, as well as faculty training and retraining.

In March 2010, MEPI visited Patriarch Kirill and sanctified in the MiFi home church in honor of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. The temple is located on the ground floor of the main building of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, used in its place was a wardrobe.


And here’s an article from Habra on this topic. (Source emotional, but personally, I agree — one of the leading technical universities in the country to create such a department — it is a betrayal of science. God — gods, and Caesar — Caesar

The reason for this post served as the news that the the National Research Nuclear University "MiFi" opened Department of Theology. I am not a militant atheist, quite tolerant and sympathetic to people believing — it is their own business, what and how to believe. Moreover, I do approve of, in a sense the presence of different faiths in our lives, it is better that the person had at least some beliefs and internal controls, than no, and, in addition, the whole of modern history and archeology practically exist due to religions — many interesting and important from a historical and scientific point of view, archaeological finds were a cult, that is, came to light thanks existed in those days religions. Also, it is no secret that many great scientists were believers, and even included a small circle of people with a religion little more attitude than usual congregation (it is enough to see the list of members Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican). Still, the news, the above, leads to a very sad thought.

In my view, all the deeper penetration of religion in the life of Russian society is not an indication that the world is getting better, defecating on the "communist contagion." Analyzing the news related to the activities of the church, I see a more aggressive marketing. Yes, it is marketing: all signs, ranging from press releases and ending with price lists for services in churches and temples. By the way, do you know how much is the consecration of the rocket before every start? Yes, in Baikonur (where I was lucky enough to serve in what was then the Soviet Army during the run Burana), this procedure has become standard in 1999 (at the same time was built in Baikonur and the Temple of St. George), and since then the abbot of the temple baykonurovskogo and his assistants — staff units fighting crew to launch missiles (Sic!). So, sanctification before the start of each missile costs the treasury 170,000 rubles. The budget for the construction and launch of the rocket — ie from the state budget (from your and my pockets, in other words). The "toolbox" used by the servants of the church not any space — is the same as that for the consecration of apartments or cars, the cost of the consecration which starts from $ 0 — according to church rules here everyone gives as do not mind.

But because marketing is an integral part of business. And then — the religion, the care of the souls of the parishioners … However, there is no inconsistency here: religion has long been a business and a very profitable one. And, as with any traditional business, the cost of corporate services is much higher than the cost of similar services for individuals — and because the consecration of the rocket is much more than the consecration of the car (for which people usually give 500-1,000 rubles). So, all the same business. And now this business comes to universities, as one of the subjects studied. However, students will be taught the subtleties of the church is clearly not business — it is a taboo subject. But the official version of the priests — supposedly the new thing is to broaden the horizons of future scientists — also a little hard to believe. The horizon is not to blame completely. As for any "service" is important for the growth of religion, "the user base." And the army of many thousands of university students — this is a very attractive audience, because they will after a while the middle class, the backbone of the most active society.

As for the outlook … I can not imagine how in the head scientist of the future should be aligned opposite such knowledge, as, for example, the theory of the universe in the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, and by the will of God? And will it be counted against the divine explanation of the nature of neutrinos? And as a theory explaining the significance of the fundamental physical constants will be able to speak God’s great plan?

Educated people, which should certainly be treated and university graduates realize that religion has always been used by mankind in cases where certain natural phenomena had no answer from the point of view of the existing knowledge about the world. It then came to the aid of religion — all attributed to some strange god and open it quietly go about their household chores. Why look for the cause, if there is a universal answer? Moreover, science has always developed in spite of ecclesiastical dogma, for which he burned at the stake. It is the knowledge base of mankind has led to the fact that God gradually move from the clouds to the increasingly distant frontiers, until evolved into something really quite obscure and not known where located.

And here is born a very interesting idea: what if the growing body of scientific knowledge is so reduced the role of God in the life of the universe, and that the priests themselves have long ceased to believe in it? And this explains the fact that the religion was transformed into a business: they realized that the t
heory does not hold water, but has not yet realized the flock — why not support a common misconception, and not to use it for their own gain? If this is the case — and I do not see any real evidence to refute this conclusion — it is doubly sad to see the emergence of the priests in the "temple of science." For me personally, it means two things: the state advantageous to keep the people in ignorance as long as possible (and therefore allowed the church deeper into the various aspects of society), and the education system beneficial to partner with a successful and profitable business, which is the religion. In this case, in fact very few people interested in science — we have it is still not among the priorities of the state.


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