In the district hospital Bogodukhov opened modern Operating Room 
In the district hospital Bogodukhov opened modern Operating Room

"This is one of the best operating units. Conditions in it to meet all sanitary requirements. Completely replaced by the oxygen supply system, equipped with air conditioning system, provided the necessary anesthetic and respiratory equipment, purchased new operating tables, tools, and furniture. All the conditions that physicians who work in the inter-district center can realize their full potential. Moreover, created the material and technical base allows for operations to attract experts of regional agencies and institutions of the Academy of Medical Sciences ", — said the deputy governor of the Kharkiv Igor Shurma.

According to Igor Shurma, for the reconstruction of the operating unit of the regional budget has been allocated 1 million 170 thousand UAH. Another 130 thousand UAH. as an additional co-financing allocated from the local budget. Total area of the reconstructed premises of the operating unit is 349.2 sq.m.

During the reconstruction of the operating unit conducted a large amount of work in three operating rooms: a new system of ventilation and air conditioning; was replaced oxygen supply systems, electricity and installed new lighting equipment of all the operational units; was replaced sanitary systems and equipment used in modern finishing materials that comply with the disinfection safety replaced 6 windows and 23 doors.

Photo from the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

In addition, at the expense of the regional budget delivered advanced medical equipment to equip the operating unit for a total of 547.8 thousand UAH. And due to raised funds for the operating unit medical furniture purchased for a total of 17 thousand UAH. Also from the district budget purchased medical equipment worth 75.9 thousand UAH., Including sterilization equipment and medical furniture.

These qualitative changes in the material and technical basis of the hospital will significantly improve the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities Bogodukhovskaya central hospital, to improve access to health care, for new levels of medical care for residents of the area Bogodukhov

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