In the district of Angarsk (Irkutsk region) has opened a new MFC


In Angarsk near Irkutsk Region has opened a multifunctional center (MFC), where citizens can receive state and municipal services on the basis of a single window. For the first time, the population in the MFC will be provided approximately 70 services, and then gradually increase their number.

"The principle of one-stop suggests that a person gives and takes away the documents in one place, all the rest of the collection of additional securities and transfer them directly executes the employees of the center, — the press-service. — In the center there are several options of payment: cash register works, provided area ATMs and payment terminals. For the convenience of working electronic queue and electronic documents. "

As told in the press service, the center will also conduct receptions representatives of the Ministry of Social Development, the guardianship of the Federal Migration Service, the question of carrying out such methods specialists cadastral chamber.

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