In the district of Bashkortostan Buzdyakskom commissioned paved country road

October 15 Buzdyakskom district President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov and Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin was completed highway at the site entrance to the village of Komsomol. First right of passage along the road was granted Gafuriysky high school students.


The road is 1.4 km Bole. The total cost of the project — more than 26.7 million. In 2011, the funding of the construction amounted to more than 14 million, where the share of the federal budget — 8.5 million rubles, the Republican — 5.8 million rubles.


In 2011, in Bashkortostan on the construction of eight entrances to settlements with a total length of about 9.8 km allocated funds in the amount of 142.5 million rubles. Including the federal budget — 97.7 million rubles from the state — 44.8 million rubles. The country is more than 400 communities that do not have driveways paved.

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