In the Eastern Military District began teaching Railway Troops

Conscripts pontoon bridge battalion master skills guided pontoon bridge across one of the main channel of the Amur River.

The plan military exercises separate railway battalion TSB stationed in Khabarovsk Krai, were alerted, moved to the area of combat use. First of all military divers examined the bottom contour of the reservoir.

Only in the group on pontoon ferries — 7 divers. Prepares them for the Army is the only center in the Volgograd region, on the river Akhtuba. Perform such work can only hardy men. Weight of only 80 kilograms of equipment.

After the examination, the bottom of the personnel of the railway departments to assemble sections of the bridge and collected part of the design floating bridge. This battalion each year brings a ferry to the island of Big Ussuri — the longest floating bridge in Russia, almost a kilometer in length, and fall apart the bridge.

In summer, the personnel of such exercises are necessary in order to work on the assembly and disassembly were on time and with the required quality. And since the life of a year now, and then disassemble to hold such exercises need a lot more often. After all, well-trained soldiers actually six months later transferred to the reserve.

In these exercises, involving about 200 military personnel and 20 pieces of weapons and military equipment.

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