In the Far East have been teaching snipers

Army special forces snipers day of the Eastern Military District, "noted" the teachings of the night in Khabarovsk. Sniper weapon other than a rifle with a telescopic sight, a patience that was demonstrated by good commandos TSB last Friday, one of the Khabarovsk polygons.

In addition, these arrows must not only shoot straight from virtually any location, but also cleverly disguised. If need be, the sniper may still lie in the bush for three days. Stealth helps special costumes "Goblin", which had not numerous and television photojournalists themselves to hunt down snipers in the sights of their lenses.

Synopsis: "normal" infantry sharpshooter first appeared in the USSR in the 60s. Already under the influence of the Soviet concept in the 1990s, specialty infantry sniper was introduced by Israel and the United States. Now the snipers are in all the armed forces special forces and police units. 

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