In the Far East took shape crest of the historic floods

August 19, 2013. The situation with the historic flooding in the Far East is far from favorable resolution, but at the same time show the light at the end of the tunnel. Home positive news? the peak of the rain is over, which allowed to take shape crest of the flood on the Upper Amur.

Now comes the most important and dangerous stage? its passage across the bed of the great rivers of the Far Eastern, the total length of which exceeds 2,500 km. According to the monitoring of the morning on 19 August on the small rivers that form the Upper Amur drain the water went down.

But ahead? most problematic area? Middle Amur, which already exceeded the historical highs of the river. In the region of Khabarovsk water rose to 657 cm, 642 cm at the extremum (1897). According to the calculations of hydrologists in the coming two days to reach the level of 700 cm, and in the peak of the flood, which will fall on August 24-28, will rise up to 730-780 cm

Last day to three record holders (Khabarovsk, Lenin and Nizhnespasskomu), which exceeded historical levels of water added another gauging? Nagibovo (Jewish Autonomous Region). At the extreme of 1162 cm (1984), the actual level of 1166 cm

Formation of the flood crest has allowed experts to calculate the maximum water levels. Most of them are in the 100-150 cm higher than the level of the hazard, which is a measure of the flooding of houses and infrastructure.

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In the Far East, flooded 140 towns

August 19, 2013. Three regions of the Far Eastern Federal District — Amur Oblast, Jewish Autonomous Oblast and Khabarovsk Krai — could not avoid flooding as a result of this massive flood. In recent days the number of flooded towns here has grown from 124 to 140.

Hardest-hit villages of the Amur region, located in the basin of the local river Zeya. Here are flooded 102 settlements in 15 districts and urban districts. In addition to the houses, which are home to about 30,000 people (including more than 8,000 children), water got up to 180 objects that have social significance for the region. According to the MOE, are flooded nearly 8,000 home gardens and more than 420 thousand hectares of farmland. Flood damaged road at 199 sites (total length of the damaged paintings — 463 km), and 60 road bridges.

The second scale of the August flood Far Eastern region was the Jewish Autonomous Region. Here are flooded at the moment 24 settlements — 563 houses and almost 2.4 thousand farmlands.

In the region as a result of the flood hit three socially significant object podtopilo more than 15,000 hectares of agricultural land values, as well as two road bridges and 18 road sections measuring about 9.2 kilometers.

As for the situation in the Khabarovsk region, there emerged from the coast of the Amur podtopilo the 14 settlements — 175 residential units, nearly 3.8 thousand of country houses and at least 389 home gardens.

A total of flooded areas in the three regions of the Far evacuated nearly 20,000 people. Emergency flood situation experts analyzed daily by taking additional measures to prevent the disaster victims and the elimination of its consequences. Currently Bureyskaya and Zeya hydroelectric power station located within the county are operating normally.

Source: News Gismeteo

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