In the final of the competition university HSE {13K} Timeout 14


Business Incubator HSE announced the finalists the annual competition of business projects HSE {13K}.

HSE {13K} — Russia’s first varsity competition of business projects. During the 7 years of its existence for many projects (CytoDel, Maxygen, Lactocore, PensiaMarket, Mobiety, Wobot, Timepad and others) participated in the contest was the first step to a successful business.

Members of the jury examined all projects that pass on formal grounds, and on the basis of relevance, innovation, quality study business ideas, as well as the possibility of its implementation and the adequacy of the market, chose 14 projects that have gone to the finals:

  • Adaptive Learning / Adaptive learning — Analytical platform that allows users to build personalized educational paths and develop adaptive training courses.
  • Immunoslayd — Highly accurate and affordable method for diagnosis of leukemia and other blood cancers. The device immunoslayd, which allows high accuracy to detect leukemia, even in the early stages of the disease.
  • Toytemik — A platform, which includes built-in electronic modules ToytemIC, instrumental software and electromechanical test kit. The platform allows you to create new classes of toys and robots capable of group interaction, reminiscent of the interaction of units in computer games.
  • E-Seeing Eye for the Blind "Elektrosonar" — Convenient, compact and inexpensive device for the blind seeing-eye, used technologies — ultrasound and infrared radiation.
  • 3D-BONE — Creating 3D (three-dimensional) — bioimplantatov, shape and structure of which can be adapted to the individual patient and the specific defect, using the methods of reconstruction tomography and 3D-printing technology.
  • Command Spot — The software package for remote monitoring, data processing and management of distributed devices.
  • Heat-El — Technology Heat-El uses low-grade heat to generate electricity, the use of unattended controlled expander that can utilize the thermal energy with different initial temperature, which is a key requirement in the reconstruction of heat supply systems existing in Russia.
  • iBinom — Service medical interpretation of genetic data SaaS-solutions for the interpretation of genetic data
  • OpenDoors — global booking system of private property.
  • Penxy — Mobile app that enables presenters to wirelessly switch slides on the projector, broadcast them synced with voice on the internet real-time, create and share recordings with one click.
  • Product-test — Site testing and expert evaluation of consumer goods.
  • Retail Rocket — advisory service for online retailers, the analysis of the matrix of commercial shops and the behavior of their users and placement via a widget (or API) product recommendations that are shown to visitors online stores.
  • SiteSecure — Web service that allows website owners and webmasters to protect the site from hackers, viruses and other Internet threats without wasting time and effort.
  • SunEyes "Inflatable Solar Power" — the creation and implementation of innovative devices on the market — 1.3 m diameter inflatable balls that produce electricity from sunlight.

Final competition with classroom presentations finalist projects will be 29 May 2013.

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