In the first municipal hospital in Orenburg updated material and technical base

As part of the modernization of health care based on City Clinical Hospital № 1 ambulance Orenburg will be organized inter-municipal center.
It will provide emergency cardiac care residents of Orenburg and Orenburg regions and Sakmarsky.

To this end, strengthening the material-technical base of the facility. Overhauled in the intensive care unit for 12 beds, the first surgical (60 beds), and the first cardiology (60 beds) offices and the emergency room. According to the program of modernization of these works made 42.2 million.

In 2011, the hospital received modern medical equipment worth 4.7 million rubles. This electrocardiographs, pacemakers, heart monitors, defibrillators, devices for spontaneous breathing, dispensers, transtelephonic remote telekardiografiya etc.

In 2012, work on strengthening the material-technical base hospital modernization program will continue.

Will be repaired 2nd and 3rd Surgical Department, 2nd Department of Cardiology, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and two clinics.

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