In the first quarter of this year, most of the Tambov agro increased realization of meat

In the first quarter of this year significantly increased sales volumes of sunflower, potatoes and vegetables. However, the greatest performance was shown by the volume of sales of livestock and poultry — 42.1 thousand tons (an increase of almost 1.5 times), according Tambovstat.

 More than others shipped livestock and poultry farms Inzhavinsky (25.5 tons), Bondarskaia (5.1 tons), Zherdevsky (4.1 thousand tons) areas, which is due to start there large poultry and livestock farms.
Also in the region increases the number of livestock. As of April 1, already has a population of 2.8 million head of beef cattle. Leaders in the capacity of beef cattle are the Tambov (740 goals), Sampurskaya (590 goals) Uvarov (310 goals). The first batch of imported livestock in Pichaevskom area. Similar work is underway in ten districts. Until the end of the year сельхотоваропроизводителями planned to buy about 1 million head of cattle.

The volume of the sunflower in the first quarter increased by 66.2 thousand tons — 16.7% more than last year. Grain in January-March, sold 130.6 thousand tons of sugar beet — 135.4 thousand tons.

"By 2015, due to new production in the agricultural gross output in Russia, according to the presidential decree, to be increased by 25%. In this case, the domestic organic products should, first of all, to meet the needs of the local population, and the excess will have to embark on export. I am sure that Tambov farmers cope with the tasks, "- said the head of the Administration of Tambov region Oleg Betin.

Recall that now the Tambov region realized 60 agro-investment projects for the construction and reconstruction of livestock farms and elevator capacity of sugar factories, the construction of greenhouses.

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