In the framework of preferential programs in Kharkov for the year was bought 90 apartments

In the construction of housing in Kharkiv in the nYouth Programs added lending and affordable housing for the year attracted 28,277 mln. (Funds received from the city and state budgets, as well as the participants in the programs — "SQ"). This was Feb. 6 at a meeting of the Commission for Humanitarian Affairs of Kharkiv City Council deputy mayor — Director of the Department of Economics and the communal property of the City Council Michael Fateev.

According to him, last year, thanks to the implementation of the programs of youth lending and affordable housing 87 families have purchased 94 apartments. As noted M.Fateev, some families have purchased more than one apartment. For example, a family in which seven children, acquired just three apartments.

M.Fateev also said that in 2012 the implementation of each of the programs from the city budget will allocate 5 mln.

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