In the Gorno-Altaisk opened shop for the production of bee bread — pollen

In the Gorno-Altaisk opened a mini-plant for production of pollen. This is the first and only production of the product in the Altai Mountains.

The shop is open LLC "Dimar". Funds for the purchase of equipment have been allocated under the municipal program of business support. Pollen is considered to be an extremely effective natural remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, maintaining and improving human health.

Produce ambrosia bee pollen of flowering plants, bringing it in the form of two balls on his hind legs (feet), so this pollen is called pollen load. Brought to the hive bee pollen tamped into the cell is treated with their enzymes pour honey and sealed.

Deprived of air pollen, thanks to enzymes saliva of bees and honey, and under the influence of temperature in the hive undergoes lactic fermentation and turns into a so-called "bee bread" — ambrosia. Bee bread adult bees reared their young. Bees produce this product is very reasonable, not picking up the pollen of one species, and creating a diverse cocktail with its own set of trace elements.

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