In the Gorno-Altaisk Syzran and Dubovsky (Rostov region). Refurbished opened kindergartens

November 15 Syzran opened a kindergarten for 240 places — the structural units of secondary school number 3. 

For the opening 12 groups spent 31.7 million rubles, of which 20.5 from 11.2 and the regional budget — the budget Syzran. Funds went to repair the building, landscaping of the adjacent territory, equipment, furniture, etc. All rooms are equipped with modern nursery furniture, toys, soft items. The kitchen and laundry room equipped with new equipment. The building meets the latest standards and requirements, and in the first place — fire safety.


Recall, as previously reported, all in the nursery should be eliminated by 2016, and in the Samara region has already taken steps to reduce the order. At present, all in kindergarten children from 1 to 6 years in the West department of education is 5827 people, Syzran need to pre-school education — 4814 children in the October — 447, and in Syzran Shigonskom areas — 418 and 148, respectively. 
Until the end of 2012 we plan to open 2 more groups in the school № 5 of the October Revolution. And in 2013, is scheduled to open: Syzran — 8 groups of school number 21, one group at school number 22, and 5 groups of school number 29, which will provide pre-school education has about 280 children. 
In Syzran area in 2013, plans to open an additional 40 seats in the school in the village Mezhdurechensk, 50 seats in the school in the village Varlamovo and 20 seats in the village school Troitskoe.15 November Dubovsky areaRostov Region renovated the grand opening of the kindergarten number 6 "Cinderella." 
"On completion of the repair work in preschools Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev from the reserve fund of the government has allocated more than 6 million rubles," — said the Minister of Education of Larissa Balin. 
The two-storey building has a group of kindergarten rooms, music and sports halls, service and utility rooms, laundry and catering department. On the territory there are 5 playgrounds with sunshades and playground. The kindergarten will operate five groups of 125 seats, including 2 groups for young children up to 40 seats. 

"To solve the problem of order in pre-school establishments, the head of the region Vasily Golubev, the decision to build 100 kindergartens. Implementation of the construction of 100 kindergartens for 2012-2015 will introduce a further 15,000 people. In 2012, as part of a long-term regional target program" The development of education in the Rostov region in 2010-2015 "is the construction of 17 pre-school, 15 of which will be put into operation before the end of this year," — added the Minister. 

Rostov region is allocated on a competitive basis federal subsidy amounting to more than 27 million rubles, which will direct to equip the new playground equipment, modern furniture and sports equipment under construction of kindergartens, scheduled for delivery by the end of 2012.


Today, 16 November, in the Gorno-Altaisk opened a branch kindergarten number 7 for 40 people.

Congratulations on this occasion the audience came the head of the republic Alexander Berdnikov, Mayor Victor Oblogin, Education Minister Natalia Guselnikova, head of education department of Gorno-Altai Ekaterina Petrenko.

Kindergarten though not large, but its discovery is a significant event in the life of the city, the press office of mayor. Until the end of the year in the capital of the region will be put into operation another branch of the kindergarten.
Children and parents pleased with the new garden: he met them warm and cozy rooms, modern and contemporary furniture, beautiful toys, highlighted in the press-service. 





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