In the Gorno-Altaisk the grand opening of the National Museum

September 26, the Gorno-Altaisk the grand opening of the National Museum. Anokhin. At a ceremony attended by more than two thousand people.

Renovation of the National Museum of the Republic of Altai has cost 742 million rubles, of which charitable contribution of OAO "Gazprom" has made 697 million in the reconstruction area of the museum has more than doubled — from 4 to 8.5 thousand sq.m.

Shortly before the opening of the museum in the Republic of Novosibirsk, a helicopter was brought Scythian mummy of a woman found by archaeologists in Novosibirsk Ukok in 2003 and known as the "Altai Princess" or "Princess Ukok." From now on, the mummy will be stored in a sarcophagus in the National Museum in the hall, named after the famous plateau.

The ceremony of consecration of the museum, a small theater performance and the transfer of the symbolic key to the museum to its director Vladimir Sakpachakovu. In honor of "Gazprom" Arthur Marluzhokov performed specially written about this ode than noticeably touched by Alexei Miller.
Besides odes, Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" has received on this day the highest award of the Republic of Altai — the Order "Tan Cholmony" as well as a certificate confirming the ownership of the horse Chubara rare breed named Erdinc, which was grown in Ulagan Altai Republic.
Order "Tan Cholmony" was also awarded the Distinguished Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Republic of Altai, the author of the coat of arms of the Republic Ignat Ortonulovu, whose works are exhibited in the museum alongside the works of such classics as Grigory Choros-Gurkin and Nicholas Chevalkov.


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