In the greenhouses of Industrial (Altai Territory) is an intensive five-year modernization

JSC "Industrial" on the day of the fifth anniversary of launching the second phase of the greenhouse complex has reported on the work done, the press service of the State of Agriculture.

The company participates in the state program of agricultural development in the direction of the reconstruction, modernization and technical upgrading of fixed assets.

Spent on upgrading facilities (800 million rubles for five years) partially returned in the form of grants.

In 2006-2007 was built and put into operation a new block-type greenhouse area of 2.24 hectares with the technology of "svetokultury" with seedlings department and the line for the production of radish.

A year later, commissioned another greenhouse next generation of block type on the Finnish technology area of 0.25 hectares. Also renovated an old hangar greenhouses and greenhouses constructed new block on an area of 4 hectares.

Launched a new automated gas boiler, put the greenhouse complex of more than one hectare in a. Starobelokuriha Altai region.

Currently under construction is the next block of modern greenhouses with a total area of 2 hectares, to pass his plan by the end of 2012.

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