In the highest mountain Elbrus established a monument to Vysotsky

In the village of Tegenkeli in Elbrus, a monument to Vladimir Vysotsky. This memorial was the most mountainous of the statues of the poet and actor — he is at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.

As the press service of the Elbrus region of Kabardino-Balkaria, the opening of the monument came to art aficionados Vladimir Vysotsky, students, locals and tourists. "I am very pleased that AmBisome is a monument here in the mountains of Elbrus, which he so loved and glorified, where creating masterpieces of Soviet bard music" — said at the opening ceremony of actor Basil Lanovoi.

Vysotsky bust, created by Russian sculptor Alexander Apollo, set in Kabardino-Balkaria is no accident — it is in the Elbrus region Vladimir Vysotsky was filmed in late 1960 in the film Stanislav Govorukhin and Boris Durov "Vertical", where he played a major role — a radio operator on behalf of the climbing group Volodya . Here he wrote the song "Better than mountains can be only mountains" that went into this film, released in rent in 1967.

The monument was erected by the road so as not to have to search long for tourists and mountaineers. Bust Vysotsky and museum bearing his name, separated only by a suspension bridge. On a pedestal engraved with verses of the Soviet poet.

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