In the hospital Belovo (Kemerovo region). Received modern equipment

In health care facilities Belov received 18 units of modern medical equipment. Medtech entered the city from the beginning of the year modernization program of health care. On it is allocated from the federal budget 10,487,000 rubles.

Children’s City Hospital № 1 (intensive care and neonatal pathology unit) got two modern incubator for the care of newborns with low birth weight.

It is also admitted to a hospital ultrasound machine expert class and four bedside monitors.
In the city hospital number 1 delivered two mobile ultrasound machine, a stationary ultrasonic diagnostic scanner and a ventilator.

City hospital number 2 is also enriched with ultrasound machines and five functional mechanical beds, Hospital number 8 — the operating table with the prefix of orthopedic surgery and a bedside monitor.

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