In the hospital, the Baltic Fleet opened a modern office Roentgenosurgery

In FSI "1409 Naval Clinical Hospital of the Baltic Fleet," in a solemn ceremony was a branch of endovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time commissioned Angiography — a unique device to diagnose, treat and operate patients with heart disease.

Such separation rengenohirurgii with unique equipment — so far the only among the county and naval hospitals. The first operation on angiography — an emergency coronary artery stenting — was completed April 8, 2013.  

For reference:

Angiography — a modern device designed for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and other diseases. Angiography — a method of X-ray study to determine the location and extent of disease — adverse changes in the vessels. To identify the problem, the patient is introduced into the vessel through a thin catheter contrast medium. Catheter-half the thickness of two millimeters passes through the vessel to the aorta or other vessel which selects physician. Then the X-ray image displayed on a monitor, blood vessels become visible contours. At the same time on the computer image can be seen even maleyshiee changes in the structure and function of veins, arteries and lymph vessels.

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