In the I half of the volume of processing vehicles CPV

increased by 23.5%

Commercial Port of Vladivostok (included in the transport group FESCO) continues to increase the volume of transshipment of vehicles. In the I half-year turnover of goods increased by 23.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 47.9 thousand units.

 The main growth vehicle is due to the increase in processing of imported cars. Thus, for the period January-June 2013 in the port handled 41 million units of passenger cars, which is 31% higher than in January-June of last year.

Working with imported cars is one of the priorities of the CPV, the successful development of which there are: a regular liner service, the special tariff policy, the availability of temporary storage in the areas of responsibility of two customs posts — TP "Sea Port of Vladivostok" and TP "May Day" and the ability to deliver equipment in containers Flatrack from anywhere in the world that can count on a steady growth of traffic of vehicles of foreign manufacture.

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