In the Ilan area revived repair shop rail cars

Last year it wanted to close, but the studio changed direction, it passed into the hands of the Krasnoyarsk railway. Production volumes increased at once, cook and create new jobs.


Vagonokolesnuyu workshop in Ilan handed Krasnoyarsk railway in August last year. Until that time, the company owned by the East-Siberian railway, and it wanted to close as unnecessary. Once the workshop was in the hands of the new leadership, it was repaired, opened an additional room for the rolling stock. Now, the company is able to accept orders from other roads. Now preparing another building, which will repair the engines.

Andrew Portyankin been working here for 25 years — repairs bearings for wheel sets in the studio vagonokolesnoy Ilan. Last year, he and more than 50 people nearly lost their jobs.

Andrew Portyankin: "At the end of the year we went to a decline in production for the year plans have fallen, have been working in two shifts, reduction — are in 1 shift work, and gave us the Krasnoyarsk road. One more confident now began to work. I have four children, and now you can not worry for no wages or labor "

Alexander PARFYONOV: "We have another building project documentation it is being prepared. And they will be equipped with additional workshops, which leads to the attraction of new jobs and the labor force "

The new shop will open by the end of next year, work will take another 20 people. Under Ilan is important, because the railroad is the main employer.

Vladimir Reinhardt: "We have very good plans for the development of this company, and we will increase the volume, not only for the needs of its roads, but also for the needs of the adjacent roads. Today, this company is just beyond the Ural Mountains in the station Sludyanka "

Transportation equipment for repair in Slyudyanka cost the Krasnoyarsk railway is very expensive. Now it can be repaired at home, on the basis of Ilan workshops. Volumes of production and allow taking orders from the sidelines. Proposals already have — our neighbors to the West-Siberian railway, we are ready to repair their equipment.

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