In the Imereti lowland laid more than 70 km of new utilities

  • May 2013
  • May 2013

The total length of sewerage and water supply systems, designed and built in the Olympic Park to order "Olympstroy" by NPO "Mostovik", is more than 70 kilometers over an area of 1,240 hectares.  

Complex system of underground utilities performed almost 100%. Without it, it would be impossible to fully functioning sports palaces, stadiums, Olympic Village, hotels and nearby residential neighborhoods.

Builders started landscaping. Launch Complex networks of plumbing, heating and drainage are connected to customers and operate in normal mode.

Work on site started in November 2010. Engineers and designers have approached the problem in complex: for roads were paved best routes with the future development of the territory. In the Olympic Park comes a technical conduit for fire and watering lawns. Heating pipe — with a margin of at extremely low temperatures, which will select the most economical mode of heating. At key points of utilities provides connections without the possibility of future violations of improvement and the destruction of roads passing over them.

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