In the Indian Ocean formed a rare cyclone

In the Indian Ocean formed a rare cyclone Weather and Climate

Tropical cyclone Anais with maximum wind speed of 184 km / h, which is equivalent to the Atlantic hurricane third category of danger, appeared in the south-west Indian Ocean. In early spring, and it is this season going through the southern hemisphere of the Earth, tropical cyclones are rare, which makes the appearance of Anais anomaly. This can be compared with the sudden emergence of a powerful hurricane in April, somewhere near the Caribbean. But unlike the hurricanes of the northern hemisphere, Anais rotates clockwise.

Typically, in the southern Indian Ocean cyclones and hurricanes are formed at a time when the northern hemisphere winter, that is, in January-March. But Anais has all the signs SC and successfully moving to the southwest of Madagascar, which he reached after 5 days. As it moves, the system will be weakened, as will meet with the cool air masses and opposing winds located farther north.
Information on the storms in the Southern Ocean there is little discussed, because this area contains a small amount of population, and all that could threaten storms passing by the court. Therefore, no one bothers to count the real strength of the phenomenon and calls any event tropical storm.

In this case, prepare for precipitation and wind storms that threatens the well-being of people, yet it is necessary, especially the islands of Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion. Anais residues can spoil the weather on the edge of the African continent.

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