In the industrial area of Ulyanovsk Volga completed Nanotechnology Center

Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation has commissioned a complex of buildings in the industrial area of "Volga", which will house the Ulyanovsk Nanotechnology Center Management Company and industrial parks in the region.

Also, in areas of the complex at the time of construction companies own businesses will be offices of the resident industrial zone "Volga", in particular, temporary offices currently in demand by companies, "Schaeffler", "Jockey Holding" and "Gildemayster."

The complex 1 August 2013 started "Management Company industrial parks in the region" — 100% subsidiary of the Development Corporation of the Ulyanovsk region. The new structure will operate and maintain facilities and nanotechnology center in the future service of utilities at the industrial zone of "Volga", also in the scope of its responsibilities will include interaction with the existing residents of the industrial park.

"In fact, nano-center — a very complex engineering object, since it is assumed not only the placement of start-ups in the office, but also work in the laboratory buildings, the creation of pilot production. Building completely accompanied by an engineering service corporation. During this period, we had formed a complete customer service, and we were able to carry out all construction work in a relatively short period of time — a year. In the future, we plan to build their own network engineering to industrial zone "Volga" and are ready to provide services to the customer on a small investment projects "
, — the general director of the Development Corporation Dmitry Ryabov.

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