In the Irkutsk region bred yaks

Farmer of Olkhon district started growing unusual animals

Alexander Elbaskin, a farmer from Olkhon district, raises yaks, cows and Kalmyk haynakov (a cross between a yak and cow) for almost 10 years. According to him, these animals are unpretentious, this is especially important in the harsh winter of Irkutsk. The most severe frost and strong winds are not afraid of them — thick undercoat to protect against any weather. Even these cows can sleep on the street, and food under deep snow perfectly find themselves. The day may take up to ten kilometers.

"Here on the hills, the mountains. In good weather here in the desert crumble and they shall walk, and when the wind as it is today, with the hills of forests will hide from the wind, "- says the farmer.

As befits any cow, albeit half-wild, with the sun setting yaks and haynaki return home, and find their way even into the snow-covered steppe with absolutely no problems.

7 years ago, when Alexander became the first cow to the neighbors, they were a novelty. Most people are even specially came to take a look at the unusual furry herd. Now the livestock has increased significantly — in a herd of about 250 head Elbaskina, and in the spring the farmer is going to buy another one Kalmyk calves and yaks. After all, these rocks must be renewed every two years to avoid inbreeding.

Interestingly, yaks have their own food preferences. As Alexander says, his cows eat grass every far.

"This April and May, they will eat only snowdrop, snowdrops and old grass. In June Zelenka will have time, but not all. That’s who in June does not go, they will be able to eat in August. As if waiting to mature, "- he explains.

That’s why in the summer flavor of the meat from these cows completely different — more fragrant.

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