In the Irkutsk region opened a kindergarten for 105 places and the House of Culture

Kindergarten 106 block of Angarsk assigned number 1, it is designed for children aged two to four years. As the press service of the AMO, the overhaul of the building from the district budget was spent 20 million rubles to equip groups — another 2.5 million

The building had to re-install the heating system, water supply, electricity supply. Infant school is equipped with modern gaming and training equipment, there are a medical office, kitchen.

In 2012, Angarsk near Irkutsk region created 220 places in day care centers, a waiting list of 250. Scheduled to open new preschools in 29, 32 districts and in 86 quarter of Angarsk. 

In Usole Siberian renovated concert hall opens DK "Mir". Spectators it probably would not know. New everything — from the seats to the stage design.

All kinds of shapes, and special effects. The new lighting equipment in DC "World" waited a very long time. Alexander Selinevich — sound engineer. Is now trying to work with light — it positions the illuminator before in DC was not. To understand, Alexander says, is simple. The main thing — to be an artist to draw the elements of the simple and beautiful play of light clip.
— She can do everything: can dance, can dance. Can do for the performance required some things. It should be on tomorrow’s show, imagine that there is no light in the room, so he lit up there, then go to the artists out there, they need to light up — once lit, — says Alexander Selinevich soundman.
Who are the final preparations for the play. Director Irina Fedyushkina such innovations is overjoyed. Finally, says can be used in the productions of different effects. After all, before even a simple light here was not enough.
— It was not even see people on stage, so it was dark. And the difference, of course, a great compared to that now. We have not even to the end of these possibilities have not studied, it remains to be — said the deputy director of creative activity MBUK "House of Culture" World "" Irina Fedyushkina.
This year, the House of Culture participated in the regional program. He identified four million rubles. Another added, the local administration. With the money gained seats in the auditorium, 4 accordion, partially upgraded equipment, bought a music center. Furthermore, repaired stage.
— I have been working almost 30 years in the field of culture, it is the first time such a powerful support of cultural institutions to strengthen the material and technical base. We have not seen that kind of money ever. We first saw that it is possible — the director of "House of Culture" World "," Lyudmila Shlapak.
The plans for the next year to purchase multimedia equipment in the concert hall. And also update the microphones, costumes and shoes.

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