In the Irkutsk region put the first part of the federal highway Viluy

In Ust-Kut district of Irkutsk region commissioned part of the federal highway "Viluy" length of 11 km.

Repair of the road "Viluy" in the section 729-740 km is produced at the expense of the federal budget. Funding for the project was about 1 billion rubles. Over 11 kilometers of the former winter road built with macadam road and erected a bridge over the river Malaya Tyre 102.5 m long and 15 m high towers Contractor LLC "ZBSM MK-162" carried out the work in one year.

The road "Viluy", which is based on the highway M-53 "Baikal" through Bratsk, Ust-Kut, the Peace to Yakutsk, is included in the list of federal roads in September 2007. Since January 2008 the highway is in the operational management of PKU Uprdor "Baikal".

The road "Viluy" should bind remote areas of northern Yakutia and Irkutsk region with a network of federal roads, providing year-round transportation, access to the major cities, as well as the entrances to the mineral deposits

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