In the Irkutsk region realize the 7 investment


In 2011, in the Irkutsk region continued subsidies from the federal budget for the reimbursement of the agricultural area of the interest on loans for the implementation of seven investment projects approved in 2010 by the interdepartmental commission on coordination of credit issues of agriculture Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

There is a construction feedlots with capacity of up to 4000 goals (CX JSC "Primorsky" Nukutsky district) reconstruction and modernization of the pig farm with a capacity of up to 0.7 million heads (KFH "Melkonian AS" Irkutsk region), the reconstruction of livestock premises by 0.05 thousand heads (KFH "Morgorov PV" Bayanday district).

Reconstruction and modernization of poultry and poultry carried out by JSC «Sayan Broiler" and JSC "Angarsk Poultry». In addition, the "Sayan broiler" under reconstruction for primary power and undermining of grain storage capacity up to 46 tons, JSC "Agri" Angara "Ust-Ilim area is reconstructing the barn for 200 head.

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