In the Ishim (Tyumen region). Opened a new quay

New Quay in Ishim — an important improvement to the city. The construction of the embankment in Ishim began in 2008, it will cost more than 792 million rubles. Work has been done on the landscaping, construction of sidewalks and street lighting equipment, bank protection and landscaping, amenities beach. 
"There have been discussions — whether to invest in such facilities, or have more important needs. But the quay in any city — is a place that has a certain aura that serves as a point of attraction for people, especially for young people. Memories of places remain for life. Therefore, I believe that the decision on the construction of the embankment in Ishim — correct. In the townspeople appeared favorite place to stay, "- said the governor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev.

"We are pleased that appeared in the city park and promenade, where ishimtsy can relax and spend time with their children. On behalf of the residents of the city to thank our governor for this facility. We see how the booming construction and Ishim thanks to the support of the Government of the Tyumen region. The city becomes more comfortable and more beautiful, "- said the head of the Ishim Fedor Shishkin.

In 2012, the Ishim in the beautification of the park adjacent to the promenade was carried out works on construction and reconstruction of utilities, built entrance lobby and fountain, walking paths, installed rides. Now begin work on the waterfront rental boats and catamarans. The park is being built cafe. Thus, modern facility ishimtsy got families.

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