In the Ivanovo region built 11 new gas-fired modular boilers

In 2011, Zavolzhsk completed construction of three gas modular boilers. In September, they began their work. Total volume of investments in the modernization of heating systems, is more than 170 million rubles.

Donations zavolzhskiye purchase of fuel oil and coal used was 100 million rubles annually. Now costs reduced fourfold. Within a few years the cost of construction will be repaid in full boiler. The new location boilers and optimizing the heating circuit can achieve savings of more than 30 million rubles per heating season.

These boilers fired with two of the school-lyceum, two kindergartens, a school of arts, children’s sports school, 46 apartment buildings (2030 apartments, 4,816 inhabitants).

In 2011, in the Ivanovo region built 11 new gas-fired modular boilers (three in Zavolzhsk, five in Puchezh, three in Talitsy). Seven of boilers retrofitted with the 30% savings in fuel consumption and better heat delivery to homes of residents.

Currently, reconstruction began distributing station in Kineshma that will allow for the transfer of the remaining boiler (five pieces, the total power — 18.74 MW) of natural gas in 2012-2014. The result is a goal of economic and technical efficiency, and reliability of heat supply Zavolzhsk.

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