In the Ivanovo region built livestock complex

Investment project in the village of Irmes implements LLC "crop farms" Homeland ", which is part of the group of companies" Riata ". The total project cost is 60 million rubles. The average salary in the enterprise — 20 thousand rubles a month.

In animal farm uses the latest technology content, milking, feeding the cows. So, here are two of the "voluntary milking" cows VMS (robotic milkers firm Delaval). Analogues of such technology in the region do not. Also purchased tank milk cooler, two tractors, trailers feed mixer-distributor, forklift feed, straw chopper.

At present, the number of cattle is 600 goals (including cows — 230 heads). During the ten months of this year produced 927 tons of milk per forage cow received more than 4000 kg of milk.

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