In the Ivanovo region exceeded the annual plan for the artificial


More than two thousand hectares of young trees planted in the first half of this year. This is 24% more than the annual plan. Information on August 2 voiced in committee of the Ivanovo region of Forestry.

Total reforestation carried out on the area of 2,800 hectares. Additional work was carried out by the combined reforestation (136.9 hectares), mineralization of soil and preservation of young conifers during harvesting (643.7 hectares). Cultural care of forest plantations carried out on an area 712.8 hectares.
As explained in the Regional Committee on Forestry, the method of regeneration is determined by the on-site regrowth, renewable rocks and forest conditions. Reforestation activities are carried out mainly in clearings and burnt areas.

Note also that for seed sown the seeds of coniferous plants in nurseries on the area of 3.7 hectares.

Implementation of these measures will be continued in the summer and autumn periods.

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