In the Ivanovo region opened high-volume assembly production of tractors

June 15, 2011 the grand opening Lezhnevsky machine factory, on which to run high-volume assembly production of tractors.

In cooperation with the world’s largest tractor-building company — the Chinese state corporation YTO GROUP Lezhnevskaya engineering plant will produce tractors, which have no analogues in Russia. This technique will be useful in agriculture, housing and utilities and construction. Starting a business also means the emergence of new jobs, and increase the revenue side of the budget.

Planned number, including administrative staff, in the first stage — a hundred people. In the future, staff will increase to 370-400 people. In the transition to three-shift work schedule, if you have the required number of orders numbers will be more than a thousand people.

On the basis of the former repair and technological enterprise in p.Lezhnevo appeared Machine Works. During the one and a half years, starting from 2009, the plant designers radically redesigned the basic Chinese version of the tractor YTO, to yield versatile tractor is unparalleled. In the first step here would be to operate exclusively assembly production of ready-made kits of tractors produced by one of the Chinese factories. On the production will be collected in three versions of the tractor, and the topic is discussed in the perspective assembly tractor cabs.

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