In the JAR being built single-track tunnel

Drilling and blasting is building a new single-track tunnel Obluchensky in the Jewish Autonomous Region. At the moment passed more than 255 meters of the 860-minute.

The work carried out within the framework of the investment program "Removing the infrastructure limitations" and includes two main stages: construction of a new single-track tunnel Obluchensky, reconstruction of the old two-track. The cost of the entire project is about 4.2 billion.

The actual work on the first phase began in the fall of 2011 — the general contractor of "Bamtonnelstroy" started driving of the new tunnel from the West Portal in December — from the East Portal. Complete tunneling is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. Next, you will concrete the permanent tunnel lining, have a solid reinforced concrete portals, waterproofing membrane and drainage trays heated, put ballastless jointless way.

The movement of trains on the new tunnel will be opened at the end of 2013. After switching it on the movement of all trains will begin reconstruction of the old. Will rebuild lining, altered dimensional state, while it will be of double-track single-track. After the upgrade path will even pass through the updated tunnel, odd — a new one. This practice is already worked out. A similar scheme has been reconstructed Lagar-Aul tunnel length of 1260 m

Existing Obluchensky 311 m long tunnel — one of the six tunnels that ran in 1912-1915 in the spur of the Lesser Hinggan. It is on the site Obluchye — Lime (8193 km Trans-Siberian Railway).
During the long years of operation it pretty worn out: Experts say water content, deformation and fracture of masonry defects invert. All this requires considerable as the content of the track superstructure and maintenance tunnel as a whole.
In addition, currently Obluchensky tunnel section with increasing traffic makes it difficult to pass on the Trans-Siberian railway to the ports of the Far East. Speed of trains on it is limited to 25 to 40 km / h
Reconstruction of the tunnel will eliminate all these problems and limitations.

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