In the Jewish Autonomous Region comes a new special equipment for fire fighting


The two crawler tractors enlarged base of aviation and ground-based forest protection JAR. Tractor arrived in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Cheboksary, with Cheboksary industrial tractors. In late December, experts expect the arrival of the nine pieces of equipment to fight the main enemy of the forest — fires.

This year, the federal budget received subsidies to the budget of the Jewish Autonomous Region to acquire a specialized forest fire vehicles and equipment. With five factories — manufacturers into a state contract for the supply of fire-fighting equipment, according to a senior technician first class administrative and legal department of forest management JAR Government Sergey Shadura. 

Crawler tractor submitted for OGAU "Forest conservation EAO" further distribute them to specialized fire-chemical stations. Thanks to its high performance, the tractor will be used in the course of digging for protective firebreaks, roads, fire-fighting purposes.

By the end of the year, in addition to the expected supply of Cheboksary tractor plows forest issued by the Velikoluksky "Leskhozmash". Plows are designed for installation of firebreaks. The undeniable advantage of the plow is a robust structure that allows to cope with the obstacles in the form of tree roots in the soil.




"Harnessed plow" will be tracked tractor Agromach — 90 Volgograd Tractor Plant. Arrival of the tractor is also expected this month. The case is made of a tractor of advanced composite materials with increased strength and equipped with new modern cabin for the operator, and the new economical and environmentally friendly engine. This tractor has high performance compared to other tractors and similar class will effectively support existing tractors of this type. 



Delivery of specialized heavy equipment and tractors in hard to reach areas for firefighting help two heavy tractor-semitrailer from Chelyabinsk "POLITRANS". The main advantage of these is the use of trawl gear components from leading European manufacturers that provide more reliable operation of brake systems, navigation units and support units.



To cast fire groups in remote places and areas of the region will come to the aid of two terrain vehicle Zavolzhye plant with caterpillar tractors.

Beauty tracked all-terrain vehicle equipped with an auxiliary heater, includes beds and can accommodate 8-10 people. With the caterpillar drive this machine is able to overcome water obstacles. The use of all-terrain vehicle the most advantageous to the skillet where you can not use a propeller or water jet. Due to the large angle of attack caterpillars on both the front and rear, the car is easy to overcome obstacles in the opposite direction. One of the indisputable advantages of all-terrain vehicle is that it is designed for operation and bezgarazhnoe storage at ambient temperatures from -50 ° C to +40 ° C in a variety of road and weather conditions.



Two universal UAZ will come to aid inter-district fire-chemical stations to patrol the forests and delivery teams fire. One of the main advantages is the versatility of the car: it can be both a driver and six passengers and 450 kg of cargo in an isolated compartment. A table in the cabin, heater greater heat output, and other design innovations create additional conditions for a comfortable and high-quality work.



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