In the jungles of Peru landslide occurred

In the jungles of Peru landslide occurred Natural Disasters

After landslides in the small Amazon village, located in the mountainous jungles of Peru, killing at least 11 people, and about 10 at the moment considered missing. Among the dead was five children.

The village of El Parvenir growers of coffee, came under an avalanche of mud and stone in the northern Peruvian department of San Martin. As a result of a landslide demolished 24 village houses. In some of them at the time were villagers. The landslide occurred after a department generously poured rain.
In El Parvenir, where more than 80 families, were immediately sent rescuers and search engines. It is suggested that some of the lost entire families could go up to the mountains, not to meet with a possible landslide. It is known that due to rainfall in the Andes in Peru several more landslides.

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