In the Kaliningrad region based Center for Microelectronics

In the city of Gusev, Kaliningrad region will be built by the Centre for Research and microelectronics.
At the production site of a ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of the Center.



The main investor of the project — a major research and production company "General Satellayt" from St. Petersburg.

The company will carry out the final stage of creating electronic devices. A plan to sell products in Russia and the countries of the European Union.
At the new plant will employ 250 top-notch engineers. Most of the experts will be recruited in Kaliningrad, and not seconded from Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The opening of the plant is scheduled for February 2012.

The regional governor Nikolai Cukanov, who participated in the ceremony said that "the Center for Research and microelectronics," Gee Es Nanotech "has become a technological" heart "complex" Technopolis Gusev "acting in its third year.

According to Cukanova, "the development of a new industry cluster — electronics, innovation, IT technology, should lead the economy of the Kaliningrad region to another level of quality. All the conditions for it. "

The governor stressed that the project is implemented in Gusev in a public-private partnership. And the regional authority shall provide the investor a stable and comfortable environment for the development of the infrastructure to take care of production.

Centre for Research and microelectronics will be the fifth production in Gusev Technopark. Previously, there had already been launched: plants for the production of television antennas, and digital set-top boxes, cardboard factory and house-building. Technopolis in industries employing more than a thousand people.

The first products the new center is planned for the first quarter of 2012. Prior to 2015, the development of enterprises will go technopolis investment exceeding 12 billion rubles.

The head of the region also reported that by the end of this year, determined three areas on which to develop new industrial and technological centers — techno.

"First of all we will create them in the so-called" depressed "areas of the region — where there is a shortage of jobs," — said Cukanov. The governor stressed that investors will be invited "not in the open field," and on the platform with the already prepared infrastructure.

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