In the Kaliningrad region have introduced a monthly allowance for the third child

The allowance in the current year will be equal to the regional cost of living for children to January 1, 2013 and will amount to 6,135 rubles.

As explained by the Minister of Social Policy of the Kaliningrad region, Oleg Groznetsky, the family will receive the payment, the average per capita income does not exceed three times the subsistence minimum established in the area per capita — 18 000 729 rubles. That is, the right to apply for the grant family with three children, if income does not exceed 93 000 645 rubles. The monthly allowance is paid until the child reaches the age of three.

According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Social Policy, the new measure of social support can take advantage of more than one thousand families living in the region. Told Kaliningrad.Ru According to the press service of the regional government.

"For the purpose of monthly cash payments to the applicant should contact the appropriate" one-stop "place of residence by submitting a passport, birth certificates of children, as well as proof of household income (last 3 months), or proof of a good reason for the lack of employment (reference disability, a certificate of training full-time at an educational institution, a certificate of registration with the Employment Service) ", — the press-service.

"Last year was introduced by the regional maternity capital: for the third and fourth child of the regional budget is paid 100,000 rubles, at the birth of the fifth and subsequent — 200000. At the same time the birth of three or more children, the family receives one million rubles. Ongoing measures are paying off. In Kaliningrad, a steady trend of growth of large families. Last year, the region, 13% were born babies in the family a third or subsequent children, "- said Oleg Groznetsky.

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